The firm of Kutchinsky in London has produced beautiful and very high-quality jewelry since the 1890’s, although they are best known for pieces produced from the 1930’s on. They have been called “the David Webb of London”. The firm is a very old one. They existed in Poland for a very long time, and they were very prestigious there, where they had made jewellery for King Ludwig of Bavaria.

Joseph Kutchinsky was born in 1914. His grandfather had emigrated from Poland with his family and started a jewellery company in London’s East End.

He was among the first jewelers in London to work with platinum, which increased the popularity of their fine jewelry.
Late in the 1950’s, due to the decline of London’s East End, Joseph made the decision to relocate the business to the more prestigious area of Kinghtsbridge, and they were a great success. They designed and produced very stylish jewellery in gold set with diamonds and precious stones, and also in platinum and diamonds.