B is for Bvlgari. Marina Bvlgari, daughter of Constantino Bvlgari and granddaughter of Sotirio Bvlgari, displayed talent for jewellery design at a young age, living between Rome and Greece. Following the death of her father, Marina spent several years managing and designing for Bvlgari alongside her cousins. In 1978 Marina parted ways with Bvlgari and launched her own jewelry company, naming it simply “Marina B.” Predictably, many of Marina B’s own designs bear a striking resemblance to those she created for Bvlgari, with a use of bold graphic designs, vibrant colors, and bright yellow gold.

In the early’s 80s, Marina developed her signature cut, which is halfway between the shape of a triangle and a pear. Her iconic collections gave her clients options by incorporating interchangeable features within her jewellery.