Chanel Byzantine Cross by Gripoix

Chanel Byzantine Cross

Designer: Chanel by Gripoix
Circa: 1980

Gabrielle Chanel had a love affair with Byzantine and oriental aesthetics. The byzantine crosses are one of the symbols she was inspired by when she visited Venice for the first time.
This stunning cross is made with Pate de Verre and 22K Gilt Brass by Gripoix, the famous French Atelier created by Augustine Gripoix, in 1890 who revived and refined an old technique of poured glass.By the 1920s, her daughter Suzanne was apporached by Coco Chanel to help her create her favoured Byzantine Style jewelry. Chanel used 16th century Renaissance paintings for inspiration and Gripoix was asked to produce pieces from designs made by Chanel in a fruitful collaboration.

Designer: Chanel